Say My Name: Why Can't Journalism Acknowledge the Transgender Community?

Lori McCue

December 12, 2013

Twenty-year-old Ascher Thomas asks that you use plural gender pronouns to refer to them. And today, they’re so angry. Their slight frame shifts in their seat as they pull their hands out of the pockets of their loose fittin...

Funding the Hand That Feeds You: Real Food and Wages in TDR

Haley Hawkins

December 12, 2013

Christine Hamlett-Williams grew up on a farm in North Carolina and was raised knowing that fresh food is good food. It’s better for your health and your taste buds, or, as she puts it, “frozen and processed—that’s not r...

Fighting Rape Discrimination with Title IX

Lexie Tyson

December 6, 2013

University students are showing college administrations that dismissiveness of rape is not only wrong but also illegal. Their weapon of choice? "Title IX. ": Many know Title IX’s relation to women’s ...

No, the Pro-Choice Movement is Not Like the Nazi Party

Allison Butler

November 12, 2013

Andy Wallin, in his November 6 "Eagle opinion piece": about the abortion debate on AU’s campus, is one hundred percent right about the b...

Helping Heroin Users Get Clean: DC's Innovative Harm Reduction Policies

Jared Angle

December 6, 2012

A shift away from injection heroin use and the efforts of needle exchange operations in Washington, DC, have contributed to a decrease in the number of new HIV infections in the second half of the 2000s. But at the Kolmac Cl...