Interested in submitting a photo essay, interviewing members of Nonprofits, and keeping AU student government or administration accountable?

At AWOL, we’re more than a team, we’re a family. We encourage each other to find stories and persist against all odds. If you already know you want to be part of our team, go ahead and fill out our staff application.

Any AU student, at any time, is welcome to submit a piece to one of AWOL’s sections: campus life, culture, health, politics, the district, or commentary. No prior journalism experience is required and if you’re unsure of the process, we assign each writer to an editor for extra assistance.

AWOL is also working to expand our online and multimedia presence, which means we’re always looking for new photographers, graphic designers and videographers.

One of the unique elements of our student media organization is that we have our very own Podcasts called Ripped From The Wall and The Hum. We plan on expanding this to a podcasting network for a variety of topics.

You’ll be able to apply online at that time. Full-time staff members attend weekly staff meetings in addition to writing articles, taking photos or other assignments as needed.

Have questions or want more information? An editor will contact you with more information about getting involved if you filled out the application above. You can follow up on your application by emailing [email protected]