2017-2018 Staff

Andrea Lin

Editor in Chief

Senior studying public relations and graphic design. Reads Wikipedia summaries of horror movies before watching them. Also passionate about innovative storytelling, especially from communities of color...

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Evangeline Lacroix

Editor in Chief

Senior studying journalism and computer science. Has been known to cry over Chicago. I'm really interested in figuring out how journalism can be used as a tool for civic engagement and community building....

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Rachel Falek

Managing Editor

Senior studying journalism and women, gender, and sexuality studies. Went kayaking with seals in Vancouver this summer and traveled to 12 countries while studying abroad in Denmark. Areas of interest are...

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Antoinette D'Addario

PR Director

Senior studying journalism and criminology. Been riding horses since before I could walk. Areas of interest are healthcare, politics, immigration, and discrimination.

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Will Fowler

Multimedia Director

Junior studying journalism.  Objective in the streets, Gonzo in the sheets. Areas of interest are crime and punishment, drug policy, neuroscience, philosophy and medicine.

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Ben Weiss

Multimedia Director

Sophomore studying International Relations. Much like Clark Kent and Peter Parker, journalism is just my day job. Areas of interest are foreign policy, justice, travel, food, space, tech, and all the places...

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Georgia Bergin

Multimedia Editor

Junior studying Film and Media Arts and French. Often known to take a ten-mile walk, just ‘cause. Interests include intersectional feminism, gerrymandering, reproductive rights, graphic design, and di...

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Yan Shi

Web Director

Senior studying broadcast journalism and computer science. An aggressive tea-pourer. Wants to use journalism as a means of community building, bridging, and informing. Areas of interest are tech/digital...

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Reina DuFore

Staff Editor

Junior studying International Relations and Economics   In my spare time, I love making color-coordinated mood boards Areas of interest: Refugee and Immigration Rights, Civil Rights for POC, Race Re...

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Maria Carrasco

Staff Editor

Junior studying journalism and political science. Maria is a Chilena that grew up in Chicago that now lives in DC. She also loves graphic design despite not being a graphic design major. And while on...

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Anniebee Ospeck

Copy Editor

Sophomore studying international relations and art history. Goes crazy for cereal and old cathedrals. Areas of Interest: voter suppression and disenfranchisement, the environment, human rights

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Stephanie Lopez

Copy Editor

Sophomore studying Public Relations with a minor in Spanish. In her spare time, she loves to watch old Spanish soap operas because they remind her of her childhood. Her areas of interest include Immigration Righ...

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Taylor Sabol

Copy Editor

Sophomore studying Public Health Can recite all three High School Musical movies Areas of Interest: Health issues & education in the DMV

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Gwynn Pollard

Copy Editor

senior studying environmental science I am a certified kayak instructor! Areas of interest: environmentalism, environmental justice, gender, social justice

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Nana Gongadze

Design Assistant

Sophomore double majoring in art history and public relations. Was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, grew up in Northern Virginia, but says she's from D.C. because that sounds cooler. Interested in art, tea, history,...

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Zach Vallese

Multimedia Assistant

Sophomore studying Journalism. He enjoys walking around New York City and watching the way the world operates. He is always thinking of his next podcast idea and hopes to be featured one day on NPR. As a...

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Melany Rochester

Photo Editor

Sophomore studying film and media arts. Has a slight obsession with the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. Passionate about multimedia forms of storytelling, especially film and photography, and using these...

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Michael Karlis

Web Assistant

Freshman double majoring in CLEG and Journalism. Avid surfer and world traveler who is proficient in Spanish. Interested in issues affecting D.C., economics, and public policy.

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Katya Podkovyroff Lewis

PR Assistant

Sophomore studying journalism and international studies. Perpetually stressed and caffeine obsessed. Passionately interested in the way the world works and how so many factors can encompass an entire...

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Eleanor Murray-Mendelson

PR Assistant

Sophomore studying communication studies and business and entertainment. Loves underground hip-hop and napping. I'm interested in music and culture.

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Casey Chiapetta

Consulting Editor

Grad student studying Justice and Public Policy. Likes REI. Areas of interest are: recidivism, gentrification and urban policies, and social welfare.

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