AWOL Is Looking for Contributors!

Lori McCue

It’s that time of year again! AWOL seeks contributors for its blog and print magazine.

AWOL is a progressive magazine run by American University students in Washington, DC. Founded in the spring of 2008 with support from Campus Progress, AWOL is now a recognized publication of American University.

We exist to ignite campus discussion of social, cultural, and political issues, and serve as an outpost for students to explore solutions to local and global problems. We hope to build bridges between American University and the world around it, ultimately making our campus more inquiring, egalitarian and socially engaged.

AWOL is not affiliated with any political party or ideology. Our stories have an angle, which is different from having an agenda; our reporting is impartial and fair, but our analysis is critical and argumentative.

See below for ways to contribute and contact information.

*BLOGGING*: We publish content on our blog pretty regularly (or at least we try to). We try to blast out with article ideas once a week or so, but if you have an idea you’ve been thinking about, we’d love to hear it! Blog content is in the range of 500 words, and can be newsier or more opinion based (or a mix of both). If you’re interested in blogging, reach out to our blog editor Alexa Kelly at [email protected]

*WRITING*: Our articles for the print issue are anywhere between 700-2000 words, and we like reported/researched news pieces, as well as opinion stories and even satire! This process works a little differently: once you have your story assignment (which, again, we can help you find, or you can bring to us), you’ll be paired with an editor who will be your resource for researching/reporting questions, expanding the story, and determining an appropriate angle. You’ll turn in the story, we’ll all edit it together, we’ll find art and then it’ll be published! Because of the length of these pieces, they won’t be due until the end of October, but if you want to bounce some ideas off us or want to write, but don’t have an idea, email me at [email protected]

*DESIGN/PHOTO/ART*: We’re always in the market for interesting photo essays and infographic features, and if your skill is in either of those two fields we’d love to include some of your work! Additionally, our art director will probably need some help putting our beautiful print product together, so if you have InDesign/Photoshop skills you’d like to lend, we would appreciate it. If any of this section is your jam, contact our AD Elly Stauffer at [email protected]

*EDITING*:If you’re one of those people who likes copy editing reach out to our managing editor Claire Dapkiewicz ([email protected]), who will keep you on our editing list. We might call on you when it comes time to edit the issue, or when we’re backed up on our blog content.

For more information on these or any other ways to get involved, contact AWOL staff at [email protected]