Alec Schemmel

Alec Schemmel, Copy Editor

I'm a junior studying Journalism, interested in culture, politics, mental health and liberty.

A desire for truth amongst an abundance of misinformation and lies has burned deep inside me since a young age. I see writing as a tool for understanding the world, while simultaneously tearing at our innate biases we all have as humans. I appreciate being able to provide a voice for the underappreciated, underheard, and sometimes misunderstood voices of our time. In addition to my reporting with AWOL, I strive to unabashedly write about conservative ideas the same way any modern progressive journalist would write about theirs. There are beliefs that I think are incredibly important and deserve to be heard and considered in the market-place-of-ideas. However, in my opinion, they are underrepresented in the media, and especially amongst college students. I genuinely appreciate the diversity of thought that stems from contradicting ideas engaging in a discussion and I'm a true believer it's the path that leads us to the best truth.


Fun fact? I've hiked a large portion of the AT (Appalachian Trail)

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