Fall 2022 Issue 31

Bonnie Bishop, Editor in Chief

Dear Readers,

Thank you for viewing our latest online edition. This is our 31st issue of the magazine. AWOL is proudly in its 14th year of production. 

Rebuilding is the theme that our team decided to focus on for this issue.

This theme represents the creation of new policies and the tearing down of old practices at American University. Rebuilding can take many forms, from administrative policy revision to physical additions to the university’s appearance.

The AWOL staff highlighted the theme of rebuilding through several stories. The cover story, written by Staff Editor Neal Franklin, discusses the university’s trials with installing gender-neutral restrooms on campus after student outcry. Managing Editor Grace Hagerman reported on the dissolution of the university’s student media board and the steps being taken to rebuild it. Along with several investigative pieces, the magazine includes new details on the upcoming Ripped from the Wall episode, where the podcast team looks into carbon neutrality at AU. 

Like the theme of this edition, AWOL is rebuilding. This fall, AWOL started with eight returning members. As I wrap up my first semester on the job, I can proudly say that our team is now comprised of nearly 40 writers, editors, designers, photographers and podcast/multimedia members. We also rekindled our multimedia team this semester and will soon release a new mini-documentary titled, “Drinkable Donations.” 

We pride ourselves on honest reporting and have a burning desire to unveil the truth. Despite the challenges we may face. AWOL will never rebuild our mission. As always, we strive to write critical, subversive and irrepressible stories. Stories that represent those whose voices may typically go unheard, and stories that leave you, the reader, thinking.

I want to recognize and thank our staff. The time and dedication put into this magazine cannot be quantified, and I have personally witnessed staff members grow to become better journalists. I also want to thank Casey Bacot and Leehy Gertner for their graphic design and page layout contributions. I could not be prouder of my team’s work this semester. The future of this organization is bright. 

I also want to express my gratitude to you, the reader. Thank you for taking the time to read our stories and acknowledge the hard work it took to create this magazine. Until we meet again.

All the best,

Bonnie Bishop



This letter is from AWOL’s 31st print edition.