Hardest Goodbyes



The following is an abridged version of this semester’s episode of The Hum, AWOL’s storytelling podcast. To listen to the full version of the story, including additional interviews and narration, you can listen to the audio file below, find it on Spotify, or download it wherever you find podcasts.

Welcome to the Hum, a storytelling podcast dedicated to bringing untold stories to your ears.

For our sixth episode, we bring you stories about the hardest goodbyes of four AU students. During interviews lit by spooky reappropriated Halloween decorations, we uncovered airport goodbyes, last dances and betrayals.

Tommy Unger (he/him/his):

Tommy is a sophomore and is a CLEG major. His hardest goodbye was to his girlfriend after a surprising change of heart. He details his growth afterwards and his experience of revisiting the relationship later on.

Sami Pye (she/her/hers):

Sami is a senior studying photography and studio art. Her hardest goodbye was to a former professor of hers from AU who was extremely influential in shaping Sami’s college journey. Sami talks about how this professor pushed her out of her comfort zone to become the independent person she was always capable of being.

Vikram Lakshmanan (he/him/his):

Vikram is a junior majoring in International Studies with a concentration in environmental sustainability, global health, and development. Vikram shares his final moments with his dance teacher of over 10 years and reminisces on their fondest memories.

Grace Vitaglione (she/her/hers):

Grace is a senior majoring in journalism and minoring in creative writing. Her hardest goodbye was to her boyfriend who was forced to return to South Korea when his U.S. visa application was denied. Grace discusses their final days together in the U.S. and what it’s like being in a long distance relationship.

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The Hum Podcast Team