A Red Among All The Pink

Aya Elamroussi

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The Women’s March on Washington was crashed by a young Trump supporter holding a sign with “TRUMP” written in bold black print. 

Surrounded by a sea of pink hats and “pussy grabs back” signs, Andrew, who refused to reveal his last name, walked through the rally before the March began at Independence Avenue and Third Street. His hoodie covering his head, he smiled at marchers who stared at him and posed for photos. 

“I think the country is highly divided, and we have a president for the next four years whether I like it or not,” Andrew said. 

“It’s good to be hopeful for the next four years. And I just honestly hope that everything including LGBT rights, including things that everybody believes in and should believe in, is at a heightened level of interest [for] the country.” 

Andrew, 19, traveled from Boca Raton, Fl. to see President Donald Trump’s inauguration and attend protests happening during inauguration weekend. 

Andrew disagrees with many of President Trump’s positions. 

“Climate change is real,” he said, in response to President Trump’s view on the issue. 

Additionally, Andrew voiced his concern about the repealing of Obama Care, citing several of his friends who benefit from the Affordable Care Act. More specifically, Andrew said he is scared that Obama Care will be repealed and not replaced. 

But “it definitely needs to be reformed,” he said.

Andrew hopes President Trump will prove the segment of population that opposes him wrong.

“They have all the right to oppose the next president,” Andrew said. 

“But hopefully for the health of the nation, he will prove some of these people wrong.” 

Refusing to affirm if he voted for President Trump, Andrew said that his “TRUMP” sign expresses hope that President Trump will lead the American people in a positive direction.

The sentiment at the Women’s March did not hold Andrew’s optimism, proven by the marchers through signs and stickers stating “Not My President” scattered through the crowd.  

“With Trump’s election, our rights are violated” Annette Enriquez, D.C. resident and march participant, said. 

“He did not win the popular vote.” 

Enriquez is a woman of color who emigrated from the Philippines over 20 years ago. Enriquez said that America embodies freedoms that many people don’t have in other countries. 

“I am just speaking for my right as an American,” Enriquez said. 

“We should be here. We have to protest,” Enriquez said. 

Enriquez is also concerned for women’s reproductive rights. 

“He’s a man. Why would he be representing us?” Enriquez said. 

“We should just be respected if we want to have children or not.” 

Enriquez added the people must let President Trump know he is not fit to be a leader and argued that President Trump has gone through life the easy way. 

“He has not suffered,” she said. 

“He does not represent the people.” 

Photo Credit to Aya Elamroussi