The elephant in the room

Casey Chiappetta

January 8, 2015

It’s 2014—it’s time for a frank conversation about coming out. Fearing backlash from family members and friends, and ostracism from social circles shouldn’t determine when people acknowledge a very large part of who...

Protesting pedophilia

Shelby Ostergaard

January 8, 2015

John Wojnowski is the man who can’t be moved. He’s the man on the corner, the one holding his sign in front of the Apostolic Nunciature, unofficially referred to as the Vatican Embassy. He’s been standing on the corner of Massa...

Dead man walking

Laura Saini

January 8, 2015

Alan Gell spent six years on death row. At the age of 21, he was convicted of robbery and first-degree murder of a 56-year-old retired trucker, Allen Jenkins. Gell’s girlfriend at the time and her friend gave false testimon...

Writing on the walls

Alexa Marie Kelly

January 8, 2015

*Trigger warning*American University students are reminded of sexual assault every time they pee.Stickers on bathroom stalls outline resources for sexual assault survivors. These university-designed stickers never refer to anyone ...

Too much new news for us

Too much new news for us

December 8, 2014

Why it's on all of us

Kim Szarmach

November 17, 2014

18 percent of women on AU’s campus have reported having an unwanted sexual experience.In a survey conducted last fall, 71 percent of men feel safe on AU’s campus and 51 percent of women feel safe from sexual assault.The n...

HIV's Rising Rates in the District

Julia Rapp

November 10, 2014

We’ve probably all seen the advertisements at metro bus stops that read: “Get yourself tested” and “We > AIDS.”  In fact, you could say they are relatively commonplace and indicative of the high rates of HIV inf...

I’m Calling It: Millennials Aren’t Going to Turn Out for Nothing

Casey Chiappetta

November 5, 2014

Let’s just say, for argument’s sake, we care whether the Republicans are going to take the Senate, if third-party candidates have a shot, how effective the EPA is going to be (if the Republicans take the Senate, they are go...