Lawsuit Filed as WTU Election Fiasco Gets Personal

Alex Burchfield

July 7, 2010

Who, exactly, is in charge of Washington Teachers’ Union? Current president George Parker’s term ended Thursday—at least as far as the union’s constitution is concerned. On July 1, new officers were supposed to take office. But the elections that would have determined who started a new th...

“Movies, Bowling Alleys, and Apartments”

Chris Lewis

July 3, 2010

Downtown Detroit, summer 2009. Photo by the author. I got off work early yesterday, so I walked to the bus stop on Woodward Avenue in downtown Detroit, between John R and Witherell Streets. I sat down and began reading a book. During Detroit’s boom years half a century or so ago, this area w...

AWOL Musicwire: Come Get Yourself Some Canadian Hip-hop!

Chris Lewis

June 28, 2010

I'm home in southeast Michigan for the summer, and one of the most flavorful of all the cultural oddities here is our proximity to Canada--Windsor and southern Ontario are just across the river from Detroit. This means that we get Canadian TV and radio signals pretty consistently in my house. I never...

AWOL Newswire: US Considering “Microwave Weapon” for Afghanistan

Mike Lally

June 24, 2010

In the latest attempt to win hearts and minds in Afghanistan, the United States is considering using a new non-lethal weapon called the "Active Denial System." Basically, it’s a giant microwave beam that gives the skin a sensation of being on fire. According to AOL News: An Air Force military offic...

AWOL Newswire: Trouble for Fenty?

Chris Lewis

June 20, 2010

District of Columbia Mayor Adrian Fenty might want to worry a little. The District's most arrogant politician just got edged out in a straw poll-- he's running for reelection against current City Council chair Vincent Gray. But the catch is the location: Gray edged Fenty 174 to 168 among Ward 3 Democr...

Demystifying the Tea Party

Alex Burchfield

June 19, 2010

J.M. Bernstein provides an eloquent analysis of the Tea Party's seething anger. But his article is not a scathing criticism, as we hear so frequently. It is a more complex critique of the origins of political identity. After reading Berstein's argument, put yourself in the shoes of a Tea Party member, ...

AWOL Newswire: LA Schools Chief Sticks Up for “Regular Kids”

Amberley Romo

June 6, 2010

An article in the Los Angeles Times reported yesterday that the Los Angeles Unified School District is prepping a large cutback in funding for students with disabilities. They're planning to shut down the West Valley Special Education Center--a specialized campus for disabled students--as well as 200...

AWOL Newswire: Rosa’s Law Changes the Conversation

Amberley Romo

June 2, 2010

A big victory came last week for advocates in the intellectual disability community: a Senate committee approved a measure that removes the words "mental retardation" and "mentally retarded" from federal education, health, and labor laws. "Intellectual disability" and "individual with a mental disabili...

AWOL Newswire: Obama Bombing School Reform

Chris Lewis

June 1, 2010

This week, renowned educator Pedro Noguera is guest editor of The Nation's special education issue. In an editorial, he takes the Obama administration to task for "policies that, to the chagrin of many of [administration] supporters, have had far more in common with the previous administration than ...

Delusions about Cuban Terrorism Continue

Chris Lewis

May 31, 2010

“Venezuela’s financial support for state sponsors of terrorism is evident by Chávez’s extensive support of the Castro regime in Cuba, which is calculated to amount to $1 billion a year.” The authors of that statement? 12 United States Senators. The problem? Cuba doesn’t have anything to do with ...

The Unlikely Muslim: In College Park, the way to Islam as a Latino

The Unlikely Muslim: In College Park, the way to Islam as a Latino

Justin Cox

April 21, 2010

Across the Hudson River from the World Trade Center’s twin towers, on the Stevens Institute of Technology campus where he studied engineering, he watched plumes of smoke billow from gaping openings where the planes had just hit. All at once, he was overcome by the realization of life’s fragility. ...

Professor Profile: Marcos Bisticas-Cocoves

Professor Profile: Marcos Bisticas-Cocoves

Seth Shamon

April 21, 2010

Critically recognized as one of the most abstruse and exasperating books ever written, Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit is arguably the most challenging text in modern philosophy — even for AU’s ace philosophy majors. Despite this, or perhaps because of this, when a course on the book appeared on...