Why is the Eagle So Hostile to Feminists?

Ashley Joyce

March 30, 2010

Like many college campuses, AU hosts a predominately female student body. Though the gender breakdown is curiously absent from the university’s Web site, the Princeton Review reports AU to be 61.5 percent female, and accordin...

The Ghost of Kreeger's Past

Julie Szymaszek

November 10, 2009

I wake up every morning to the behemoth known as Miller & Long’s crane, swinging from one end of the new SIS building’s construction site to the other. With all the emphasis placed on new buildings like the SIS building...

Confronting Division: Racial Realities in D.C. Classrooms

Alex Burchfield

November 6, 2009

Birney Elementary School looms over the Anacostia Metro stop, casting a  shadow on the Barry Farm neighborhood. The metal cages and bars on the windows give the school the appearance of a prison. Inside, the sweltering heat ...