Photo Essay: College Cuisine Confessions


Noelle, the Avalon Noelle’s parents pay for her groceries. Favorites: Fruits & Avocados Vices: Macaroni and cheese & Tostitos Noelle’s food lifestyle is “healthy but not restricting.” She said her dad gives her EagleBucks for grocery money so that she can only buy groceries at Whole Foods, which helps her eat healthy. While living in an apartment gives her a large kitchen, she said, “I don’t like leftovers, so I don’t cook as much as I would like to.”

Pamela Huber

Our lives run on food. Food nourishes us; it comforts us and it can make us feel happy and guilty simultaneously. College complicates food. Buffets in the dining hall and cheap take-out entices on-the- go students who don’t have the time—or the money or proper kitchen—for groceries or cooking.

College fridges offer a view into their owners’ lives—do people prefer fresh or frozen produce, drink alcohol, concern themselves with health ideals or even have the means to properly nourish themselves? Peering into fridges lets us peer into people’s personalities by seeing how each person styles, or does not style, his or her life around its sustenance.