Climate Change Protest

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Ben Black, Maddie Ceasar, and Shane Matheu Ryden

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About the piece:

With the ever-changing climate of Washington, D.C.—both politically and environmentally—people demand change. With more and more legislation that continues to inhibit the protection of the environment from being protected under law, we must stand together and fight for what we believe in. This photo essay tells the story of the recent Climate Change protest on the Capitol, which teaches us not only about the importance of the environment but how protest, free speech, and the power of community can make significant change in our communities. Just like AWOL, the people photographed in this essay emphasize how by having an angle—not an agenda—we can unite together and make real change in whatever we believe in.

About the photographer:

Ben Black is a sophomore at AU studying Graphic Design and Spanish. Ben has been interested in photography and photojournalism for years, and continues to capture important moments while living in the district. 

Maddie Ceasar is a member of AWOL’s photography and videography department. As a major in photography, she hopes to use her work as a form of advocacy and a platform for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Shane Ryden is the director of AWOL’s photography and videography department. A student of journalism and anthropology, Ryden prioritizes himself with telling human stories that reflect a dynamic system of values.