Review || Television: “Pie-Mary,” The most feminist episode of “Parks and Recreation” ever

Alexa Marie Kelly

February 18, 2015

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“Parks and Recreation” is my favorite show. From its well-developed characters to its plucky optimism to just being outright hilarious, the show has much about it to love. And to miss, since the sitcom is in its seventh an...

Review || Film: It Had Great Potential, But "Horns" Missed the Point

Jessica Wombles

February 15, 2015

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“The boy who lived” finally went to hell in Daniel Radcliffe’s 2013 role as Ig in the new-to-Netflix fantasy horror, “Horns.” Ig Perrish and Merrin Williams are everyone’s favorite star-crossed couple, until Merrin ...

What’s all that yakking about?

Megan Yoder

February 8, 2015

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Yik Yak may be relatively new, but the anonymous college gossip site is anything but. For context, the first anonymous forum where college students could anonymously post campus gossip was started by [email protected] in 2006. It was only ...

Review || Film: Ivory Tower and its Failed Call to Action

Pamela Huber

February 5, 2015

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This 2014 Sundance darling focuses a critical lens on higher education in America as a time when the institution is reaching its breaking point and student debt soars above one trillion dollars. The documentary by esteemed direct...

Opinion || Policing with force: The problem with police brutality

Laura Saini

February 5, 2015

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Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old African American boy, was playing outside a recreation center with a toy gun. Two police officers arrived at the scene after receiving a 911 call about suspicious activity. Within two seconds of exiting the...

Too much new news for us

Too much new news for us

December 8, 2014

Pass the bottle, bypass the bowl?

Maura Fennelly

December 1, 2014

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Some freshmen begin their time at American University without having sipped a drop of alcohol or smoked a puff of weed. For the purposes of this article, "Sarah" is the name used to represent a completely made-up freshman who ha...

Why it's on all of us

Kim Szarmach

November 17, 2014

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18 percent of women on AU’s campus have reported having an unwanted sexual experience.In a survey conducted last fall, 71 percent of men feel safe on AU’s campus and 51 percent of women feel safe from sexual assault.The n...