Scholarships for Burma

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Kirk Acevedo is not your average AU senior. While most in his class are planning to get a job in the sector of their choice, Acevedo will trek 450 miles through Burma. Starting on Oct 15, 2011, Acevedo will walk from Mandalay to Rangoon, a trip that will take one month. Acevedo has dedicated the past few years of his life to Burma, and he is committed to making a statement for education in the country.

In conjunction with his walk, Acevedo has started Scholarships for Burma, a non-profit organization through the Human Rights Action Center. He aims to raise $26,220 to provide college tuition for Ying Kawn Tai, a Burmese refugee who wishes to return to Burma as a teacher.

Burma is a country that has suffered under dictatorial rule for decades, and by helping Acevedo help Ying, we can begin to make Burma a better place for all of its citizens. Scholarships for Burma is seeking donations large and small. But the best thing you can give us is your vocal support. Tell your friends about this campaign.

At upcoming events hosted by Scholarships for Burma, we will be selling posters designed by Shepard Fairey (the man who brought you Obama’s HOPE posters and the OBEY Giant) of famous Burmese dissident Aung San Suu Kyi for only $10. All proceeds go toward sending Ying to college and bringing Burma one step closer to freedom. More information about Scholarships for Burma can be found at Please like us on Facebook by searching Scholarships for Burma and follow us on Twitter @S4B2011.