The Hum: Episode 3 – First Loves and Heartbreaks

AWOL Podcast Team

The Hum is a storytelling podcast dedicated to bringing untold stories to your ears.

In the third episode of this podcast, we plunge into the world of first loves and first heartbreaks. We bring you five stories from AU students about their first time falling in love and their first time getting their hearts broken. Usually, it involves the same person. 

We begin with Ziona’s first love and first heartbreak in her freshman year of high school, as well as what it’s like to have a famous ex. We then listen to Chase tell us about experiencing her first love with her current boyfriend. Next, Adam tells us about his first love and first heartbreak, and what that relationship taught him. Then we hear from Caroline about her first love and first heartbreak at age seventeen, with an unexpected plot twist. We end with Therese telling us about her first love in a relationship that lasted two and a half years, the heartbreak from that relationship, and what their love looks like now. 

Stay tuned for more unique stories, brought to you by The Hum. And if you think you have a story we should tell, email us at [email protected] 

Producer: Shane Ryden 

Podcast Director: Grace Vitaglione

Audio Editor: Kaela Roeder

Podcast Art: Lillie Bertrand

Podcasting Team:

  • Lillie Bertrand
  • Ruth Pellegrino
  • Marie Beguin
  • Liliana Ziedins 
  • Ziyi Yuan